Development opportunity in Barbados – On every scale!

The pandemic flipped the scope with the way we view the world of property and consumer demand is getting modified owing to many factors, leading to a rise in demand for larger homes. 

Off-the-plan property sales are making a comeback as booming markets improve prospects that buying at today’s prices will deliver a healthy capital gain by the project’s completion. This is happening across the board covering an attractive market of clients with price brackets from US$300,000 into the millions.

Buying a property “off the plan” means committing to buying a property that has yet to be built. They are popular during a rising market because the buyer is committing to a property at current prices and, if all goes well, the residence will have risen in value and generated a capital gain. Buyers can also secure a property for a 10 per cent deposit, which gives them time to boost personal savings so they can take out a smaller loan.

For any developer, exploring options with approved planning permission is half the battle.

Here is a look at a few opportunities for any investor (both consumer and developer) looking at the future:

Clearwater Bay, Barbados

The Crane Private Residences, Phase 3

Lot 2, Hope Meadows, Middleton, Barbados

Lagoon land, Barbados

Golden Mile, Barbados

15 Acre Deal, Land for Development in St Thomas, Barbados

Land with approved plans for Apt block, St James, Barbados

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