A catalyzed change in lifestyle. The evolved Holiday Home Buyer..

The Covid-19 crisis has fundamentally altered the way we live our lives. The home has gained more importance. For many people, the home has now become a hub from which we work, exercise, learn, socialize and relax. The pandemic has drastically brought a shift in the short-term and long-term investment perspective of buyers and they now have more time to reflect on the way they live and use their space before making their investment decisions. This significant shift in the behavior of buyers has further boosted demand for second or holiday homes’ market in the pandemic scenario.

Miramar, Sandy Lane, Barbados

While earlier rental income or capital appreciation were factors governing decisions of buyers to invest in a holiday home, the Covid-19 outbreak now has made people realize the need for a home, safe and located away. 

People also feel the need of a getaway from their everyday lives, and the pandemic has highlighted the need of owning a holiday home rather than renting one. The trend is here to stay, and there is a rising need for more space within these. Staff rooms and washrooms, home office and children’s rooms are few of the prerequisites demanded by most buyers these days.

The Villas in Porters Place, St James

Spacious homes enable individuals to rejuvenate and unwind in tranquility at their own property. From a safety perspective, the strategic location of second holiday homes and amenities has made them a crucial option for buyers. At the same time, there has been demand for smart holiday homes with technologies that match global standards. Facing situations like quarantine and lockdown, people have realized the importance of larger spaces and self-sustained communities in living a healthy life.

Apes Hill, Barbados

Here are a few featured properties on the island with you in mind:

Port Ferdinand Marina and Luxury Residences

Miramar, Sandy Lane

Porter’s Place (only 2 units left!)

Westmoreland Hills 

Courtyard Villa 13G

Harmony Hall Green

Harmony Hall Green, Barbados

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