Fractional Ownership – Royal Westmoreland Barbados


Fractional Ownership

The 4 bedroom Royal Palm Villas, 2 bedroom Golf Cottages, 3 bedroom Golf Villas or 1,2,3 & 4 bedroom Apartments let you enjoy the size of accommodation that suits your lifestyle.

With Fractional Ownership you own a specific time in a specific Royal Westmoreland villa. Fractional Ownership includes Club Membership to allow you and your guests to enjoy the world class amenities while securing the long term benefits of owning a villa. Sold in keeping with all of our property – full transparency and fixed pricing.

Owners may access the highly flexible Par Points internal exchange system; if the time of year you own is not ideal on a given year, you can spend the value like money to use any of Royal Westmoreland’s other rental villas at different times of the year.

Preferred Residences and Preferred Golf provide the flexibility to access comparable accommodations throughout the world either through discounts or external exchange.

There are no restrictions on renting your villa or sending friends and family to enjoy your ownership.

The benefit of knowing Royal Westmoreland Fractional Ownership is a freehold title ownership, held in trust by First National Trustee Limited (FNTC) provides unparalleled security and re-salability. FNTC is an arms-length third party to ensure your ownership is protected, can be transferred for sale or willed on as part of your estate easily, efficiently and cost effectively.

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