Conviasa Expands Flight Network with New Route: Caracas, Venezuela to Barbados

In a significant stride toward enhancing air connectivity, the Venezuelan Consortium of Aeronautical Industries and Air Services (Conviasa) has unveiled a brand-new route that will link Caracas with Bridgetown, located on the picturesque island of Barbados. This exciting development was officially announced by the Minister of Transportation and President of Conviasa, Ramón Velásquez Araguayán, at the international Simón Bolívar Airport.

Minister Velásquez Araguayán remarked on the remarkable growth experienced by Conviasa in 2023, primarily in terms of its flight connectivity. He emphasized that this new route to Barbados signifies a crucial step in bolstering Venezuela’s global connectivity.

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Explaining the significance of this expansion, Velásquez stated, “This move is a testament to the airline’s recent growth and our commitment to strengthening Venezuela’s global connections.” The president of Conviasa further detailed the new flight schedule, stating, “We will be operating flights to Barbados twice a week, specifically on Wednesdays and Saturdays.”

He went on to express his optimism about the airline’s performance in the year ahead, stating confidently, “We anticipate that international air connectivity will witness a remarkable growth of over 30% during this year.”

Conviasa made a public announcement about the commencement of operations on this new route through a post on their social media platform, along with captivating photographs capturing the essence of the inaugural flight.

Minister Velásquez Araguayán also shared exciting news regarding other airlines expanding their presence in Venezuela. He revealed, “In October, Boliviana de Aviación will join the ranks of the 12 foreign airlines already operating in the country, with one weekly flight. Furthermore, in December, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of Brazil’s Gol Airlines, which will operate four weekly flights between São Paulo and Caracas.”

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Concluding on a high note, Velásquez mentioned that, at the national level, 2023 is expected to close with an impressive connectivity growth of over 60%. He stated, “In the coming days, we will be connecting significant domestic destinations such as Trujillo, Santa Elena de Guiaren, the southern region of Lake Maracaibo, Santa Barbara del Zulia, and Yaracuy.”

Conviasa’s expansion efforts are undoubtedly set to bring about increased connectivity and more travel options for passengers both domestically and internationally, making air travel more accessible and convenient for all.

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