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Caribbean Real Estate News: Highlights and Insights

Hurricane Preparedness: The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) has emphasized the importance of preparedness and solidarity during the hurricane season. With Hurricane Beryl impacting St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the CTO underscores the need for coordinated efforts in disaster management and recovery across the region​. How to support the islands

Barbados Real Estate Trends: The real estate market in Barbados remains strong with a focus on luxury properties and beachfront developments. Despite global economic fluctuations, Barbados continues to attract high-end investors, bolstered by its stability and appeal as a prime vacation and retirement destination​.

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New Real Estate Project in Jamaica: A significant project, The Pinnacle, has just broken ground in Montego Bay. This $350 million development by LCH Developments Limited will feature four 28-story towers, making it the largest high-rise on the island. The project aims to enhance the residential resort landscape in Jamaica, with completion expected by 2028​.

Kimpton brand’s first venture into the heart of the Caribbean: Kimpton Las Mercedes is set to open its doors in the Summer of 2024. Located in the Dominican Republic, this exquisite hotel will be housed in a meticulously preserved 16th-century structure, under the visionary guidance of award-winning architect Rafael Moneo. Read more.

  • Increased Interest in Remote Work-Friendly Properties: With the rise of remote work, properties equipped with home office spaces and strong internet connectivity are in high demand.
  • Growth in Boutique Hotel Investments: Investors are showing interest in boutique hotels, capitalizing on the trend of personalized and unique travel experiences.
  • Focus on Health and Wellness: Properties that offer wellness amenities, such as private gyms, spas, and wellness centers, are becoming more sought after.

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