Invest in Barbados -Mango Beach, St James – With Planning Permission for Luxury Condos

Fantastic development opportunity!

This elevated 7,028 sq.ft. beachfront site is situated in Prospect, St. James on the west coast of Barbados. At present, there is a derelict two storey home on the lot. This lot offers spectacular sea views.

There is planning permission in place for 6 luxury condos (four 2-bed units and two 1 bed units). These plans can be shared upon request.

While there is planning approval for the 6 condos, a buyer may be interested in the plot and plans to create a Family Compound. This would allow any buyer to build between 3 and 6 levels and each level could be separated yet connected via the elevator. 

In this way the matriarch and patriarch, by themselves, could occupy the penthouse level which can be internally customized to their requirements and the lower levels could be rented out as stand alone apartments.

When their family arrives, all of  the apartments can be connected via the elevator. In this way the capacity of the family compound can be expanded and contracted according to demand. As time goes by and the family uses the apartments less and less they can be sold off individually.

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