Construction surge in Barbados is imminent!

During Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley’s 2023 Budgetary Proposals in the House of Assembly on Tuesday, she announced the assignment of funding for several departments and projects.
Among them were:
– $139 million for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital with an additional $5.5 million for expanding operations of the Accident and Emergency Department.
– $5 million to the Lion’s Eye Care Centre at the QEH.
– $27.6 million for the Latin American Development Bank (CAF) road rehabilitation project.
– $20 million to the Barbados Water Authority to upgrade reservoirs and distribution network.
– $15.3 million to the Ministry of Agriculture for construction of a tissue culture laboratory.
– $8.5 million for the construction of dormitories for the Barbados Youth Advance Corps to accommodate at least 1 000 young people per year.
– $8.1 million for the Smart Energy Fund.
– $32.5 million for the Welfare Department
– $20.6 million for the Child Care Board
– $12.5 million for Government’s Crime Prevention Programme
– $2.5 million for the parental coaching, life coaching and psychological coaching programme
– $9.7 million for the Community Elderly Care Programme
In all, Mottley said more than half-billion dollars in Government-related construction projects will be undertaken in the country.

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