Major Milestone Reached: Barbados Government Grants Approval for Multi-Million-Dollar Pierhead Development Project

After more than two decades of anticipation and a shift in investors, the ambitious Pierhead Development Project in the City has received the official nod for construction, marking a significant milestone in its more than 20-year journey.

The Pierhead Development Project is poised to breathe new life into Bridgetown, ushering in fresh opportunities for small entrepreneurs, bolstering the local economy, and attracting substantial investment to Barbados.

The expansive venture envisions a marina for luxury yacht owners, a condominium facility, luxury branded stores, bars, entertainment facilities, and a hotel complex.

Covering approximately 10.8 acres, the development will span from Fort Willoughby westward, including key landmarks along the Wharf, Chamberlain Bridge, Cavan’s Lane, and Bay Street, extending up to Parfitt Alley.

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Real estate tycoon Sir Paul Altman, a key stakeholder in the project, confirmed the recent grant of planning approval.

Describing the project, Sir Paul Altman likened it to “Limegrove Lifestyle Centre on steroids.”

He emphasized the significant waterfront aspect, noting, “Over 80 per cent of the perimeter of that property is waterfront, so you would assume that if you’ve got 80 per cent of the boundary being water that a lot of water comes into play.

So you have boats, a beach, savannahs with a beach restaurant…. Fifty per cent of the people who will come there will come by water taxi and boat.”

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