Bridgetown’s Transformation: More Than Just a Destination, a Vibrant Experience

City MP Corey Lane has emphasized the need to transform Bridgetown from a mere location to a dynamic, experiential destination. Speaking in the House of Assembly, Lane passionately supported the 2023-amended Barbados Physical Development Plan, highlighting its visionary approach.

Lane argued that Bridgetown’s evolution should transcend its traditional role as a shopping hub. He envisioned a city infused with music and culture, transforming it into a place people visit for its vibrant atmosphere and experiences. He emphasized the necessity of this shift to attract more visitors and enliven the city.

Commercial building in busy Cheapside, Bridgetown

In his endorsement of the development plan, Lane reassured that Bridgetown’s historical essence and beauty would be preserved amidst the modernization efforts. He emphasized that such development is key to elevating living standards, particularly for the residents of The City.

A significant aspect of Lane’s vision includes boosting employment opportunities as a direct result of the city’s development. He sees this as a path to improved and potentially better jobs for the citizens and their future generations, underscoring the far-reaching benefits of the redevelopment plan.

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Restaurant & Bar Space on Broad Street, Bridgetown

Addressing housing issues, Lane expressed concern over the numerous neglected buildings in the urban areas. He urged for these to be transformed into viable housing solutions, highlighting the current housing crisis in Barbados. This includes the need to accommodate people living in unsatisfactory conditions or facing homelessness.

Furthermore, Lane pointed out the necessity for the physical development plan to tackle issues like traffic management, city cleanliness, and the need for better pedestrian pathways and facilities for people with disabilities.

Mixed use Building in City, Cockspur House

Determined to have a significant influence on the redevelopment process, Lane assured his constituents of his commitment to actively participate in ongoing discussions about Bridgetown’s future, ensuring their voices and needs are considered in this transformative journey.

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