Barbados-Jamaica Direct Flight Paves the Way for Tourism Growth

Barbados tourism received a significant boost with the inauguration of a new direct flight route to Jamaica on February 7th. The introduction of interCaribbean Airways’ first non-stop flight from Barbados to Jamaica marks a milestone in regional travel and promises to invigorate tourism in both nations.

The event, celebrated by the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI), heralded a new era of connectivity and collaboration in the Caribbean travel industry. Key figures including Lyndon Gardiner, CEO of interCaribbean, Craig Hinds of BTMI, and Kerrie D. Symmonds, a prominent government official overseeing foreign affairs, emphasized the transformative impact of this partnership on Barbados.

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BTMI’s strategic vision aims to position Barbados as a premier destination in the Southern Caribbean while fostering strong ties with the Northern Caribbean. The collaboration with interCaribbean represents a concerted effort to enhance various sectors such as sports tourism, business travel, major events, and the iconic Crop Over festival. Moreover, the introduction of this direct flight route simplifies intra-regional travel for Caribbean residents, facilitating seamless exploration and connectivity across the region.

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